Browser Support

When I decided to get out of self-hosting my blog, one of the trade-offs I made was that I would no longer be able to use JavaScript to customize my site. This is a good thing. Not because JavaScript isn't useful, it is. Rather, this is a good thing because if I had access to JavaScript on Posterous (or Tumblr or Wordpress, etc.), so would everyone else. And, as powerful as JavaScript is, that would be a problem.

As a side effect of not being able to add my own JavaScript to the site, I am no longer able to detect browser versions or add HTML5 elements to the DOM for downlevel browsers. If that sounds like gibberish, don't worry. What that means is that I have to choose between building a site that leverages the latest technologies - and only works in the newest browers - or utilizing earlier technologies to remain compatible for more users.

At the moment, this site uses some HTML5 goodies. That means that only the latest browsers can display the site correctly. In fact, the site looks so bad in IE 7 and IE 8 that I'm highly considering replacing the HTML5 tags with older code. But, in the interim, you'll need to be running the latest browsers in order to view the site correctly.

Below are links to the latest versions of the five most popular browers. If you haven't taken the time to upgrade, you should consider it - not because of, but because of all the security enhancements that have been added to these browsers. The Internet is a dangerous place. Running an old browser is like a knight wearing the armor he just took off his vanquished opponent - it may have holes!

  • Chrome icon
  • Safari icon
  • Internet Explorer icon
  • Firefox icon
  • Opera icon

UPDATE: I've removed all of the HTML5 specific tags and most of the CSS3 formatting instructions from the site. This means the site should work pretty well in IE 7 and 8, though I'm not setup to test them at home. 

UPDATE 2: I've now confirmed that the site is at least readable in IE 7 and 8. I have no plans to support IE 6, or down-level versions of any other browsers.

I've now confirmed that the site works correctly (or well enough) in all of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 13 for Mac
  • Google Chrome 13 for Windows
  • Apple Safari 5 for Mac
  • Internet Explorer 9 for Windows
  • Internet Explorer 8 for Windows
  • Internet Explorer 7 for Windows
  • Firefox 5 for Mac
  • Firefox 6 for Mac