Birthday WiX Wishes

My birthday is coming in early June. If I could have anything in the whole wide world, I’d take one billion dollars. But, if I could only have something from the whole WiX world, then here’s what I’d like:

I want a WiX project template specific to my environment:

  1. I want the template to nail down all the little things we never/rarely do in our current installers, like checking for the right version of IIS, checking for previously installed versions of the application, etc.
  2. I want the template to be able to install an application in multiple environments.
  3. I want the template to auto-detect the platform, if possible.
  4. I want the template to accept command-line or UI driven properties where auto-detection of the environment is not possible.
  5. I want the template to separate static code from dynamic code (using WiX include files containing project specific information).
  6. I want to be able to point the template at a directory and have it auto-generate the appropriate Feature, Directory, Component, and File elements for installing all those files into a target directory.
  7. I want the auto-generator to understand files with DEV, TST, ACC, PRD in their names and setup conditional components as appropriate.
  8. I want the auto-generator code to work with our build process so that the WXS file can be generated at build time – preferably based on a recursive crawl of a root folder, to minimize the maintenance costs/risks.

Anyone interested in helping me blow out some of the candles?