More pictures from p&p

While I was with patterns & practices, Microsoft invested a considerable sum of money to build the team a custom space that that lent itself to agile software development. My friend Darrell Snow was largely responsible for securing the project and shepherding it through the 40 some odd cooks who want to put their fingers in the stew. Overall, it turned out amazingly well - though the team spaces could be a bit bigger, IMHO. Even so, I really miss working in that space.

Most of the photographs below were all taken shortly after the team moved into the space. For context, the first picture shows what our team room looked like before the new space and the second picture is a floor plan of the new space.


While trying to figure out how to SEO this new site, today, I ran across a few pictures from my time at Microsoft. It brought back some fond memories. One thing I've got to say for that company that you don't often hear is that their facilities are amazing - especially the p&p offices and the conference center where these shots were taken.