iPhone OS 4 News

As I prepare for the iPhone training and conference next week, I’ve been paying close attention to all the news I can find about the recently announced iPhone OS 4. Here are some relevant (and not so relevant) links from my news reader:

  • iPhone in Business (teaser from Apple re: iPhone OS 4)
  • What iPhone 4.0 means for IT (MacWorld speculation re: iPhone OS 4)
  • iPhone Developer Program (Apple page with link to compare different developer programs)
    • Individual ($99) – Must distribute apps via AppStore, cannot create development teams
    • Company ($99) – Must distribute apps via AppStore, can create development teams
    • Enterprise ($299) – Must distribute apps in-house, can create development teams

And, then there’s this:


The NativeUnion MM01H not only works with the iPhone, BlackBerry and other mobile phones, but can (with an adapter sold separately), be used as a USB headset for use with Skype and other VOIP services on your computer. It looks like the iBatPhone. Of course, I want one.