New digs…

So, I got tired of fighting WordPress and spending money to host it. I wanted something a bit simpler that would let me focus on writing. So, I’ve moved to Posterous, and refreshed the look considerably.

I’m still not done with the redesign. The links in the navigation pane aren’t all working yet. And, I need to work on the other views (search, tags, etc.) But, the general look and feel is pretty much complete.

Overall, the process has been pretty smooth. It was refreshingly simple compared to WordPress. Though, Posterous has a nastly little habit of applying styles to your content without your knowledge. As I discover ones I don’t like (e.g. the large-quote, medium-quote, small-quote nonsense), I’ll stomp on them with some CSS of my own.

Best of all, I’m sending this post via email, which is exactly what I wanted. Hopefully, I won’t have to spend several minutes fixing it once it hits the web.

UPDATE: Raw email didn’t handle paragraphs the way I wanted. Let’s try using Markdown.

UPDATE 2: Markdown works great! Might even want to go back and implement it more broadly throughout the site, since it’s so much easier to read than HTML.